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With the help of Total Tan & Wellness,
you now have a warm glow of health.


The ARRC LED ATP system is a Class II exempt medical device which is FDA  Approved for minor aches and pains.

Now you can take your health to the next level and revitalize your whole body
Over 4000 clinical trials have shown that Red Light Therapy helps with:
  • Reduces inflammation, the root cause of most diseases
  • Improves circulation and reduces blood pressure
  • Detoxifies the body of waste and free radicals
  • Slows, halts and even reverses mitochondrial dysfunction


Now you can take your health to the next level, our Red Light Therapy Bed uses Photo biomodulation (PBMt): Photo biomodulation (PBMt) encourages regeneration of nearly every tissue, organ and system in the body to its original healthy state.

Check out what our clients are calling the fountain of youth! Mention this and your first visit is free.

One of the key benefits of red light therapy/photobiomodulation (PBMt) is its ability to improve mitochondrial function. Like an engine in a car mitochondria are the motors that power the cell. As those motors wear out the cells die which leads to dysfunction or aging. Red light therapy/ photobiomodulation can rejuvenate the life of the cell and even reverse damage.

Ultimately by improving mitochondrial function red light theraphy/PBMt may slow, halt or even reverse the aging process. The visible benefits can be improved fine lines and wrinkles and healthier hair. Below the surface, users say they Feel, Think, Look and Perform… Better.